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Odyssey Innovation Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, company number 11320877

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Our kayak Odyssey started 5 years ago when founder Rob Thompson created a volunteer dive group to collect marine plastic and ghost gear. The scale of the problem soon became clear, this combined with no options to recycle the plastic gathered lead to the realisation that retrieval alone was not enough. The lack of value we put on recycling is the main cause for plastic entering our seas, it’s often simply more convenient and cheaper to produce more plastic than to recycle.

The concept was to add value to marine plastic by recycling it into kayaks and then use them to access the otherwise inaccessible parts of our coastlines and waterways to retrieve more plastic. This concept is the fundamental principle of the circular economy, that business can start becoming part the solution for tackling global problems by becoming more resourceful. Rob set up the company Odyssey Innovation to produce recycled kayaks and after a few years of product development and building recycling infrastructure, the kayaks are now being used to help clean our seas. 

Some of our kayaks have been donated to other groups for retrieving plastic and Rob runs a Paddle for Plastic campaign to encourage others to help clean our seas. By purchasing these kayaks you will be helping further ocean clean-up work by assisting us in pioneering a sustainable circular economy.